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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Miffed and then Getting Over It...

Pears #1 (Sold)

I was having a chat with a fellow artist and he was discussing some work he had at an establishment close to where he resided.  He began to tell me about the lack of respect for his work.  It is a situation that happens to us at times.  I call it the "wallpaper syndrome".  Other artists have experienced this too. As have I. Luckily, only once.  At first when I came face to face with this, I was miffed beyond belief. I went into this place, not a gallery, only to see a crappy guitar leaning up on a bench jabbing it's creepy strings into the canvas of one of my paintings. Now, I am no Diva but was pissed off. Won't say how I confronted the guitar but it wasn't pretty.(the owner of this art wrecking machine was not there to witness it, thank god. If he had been, I might have guitar strings sticking out of my head.) For anyone truly worried about this instrument, take solace in the fact that I did not damage it. It just sort of slid off the bench.... funny that.   After a little while, I realized, I could not be upset with people like that. They are just too self absorbed and have no class. I must feel sorry for them. (with my art at a distance of course). I think telling a fellow artist that had his experience, my story, helped him. It's a learning curve....Say NO to wallpaper... 

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