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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something to think about....(SOLD)

Spring Watercolour
How do we feel about bullying? Many of us have our experiences either being bullied or being the bully. I heard recently that Jamie Hubley took his life because of this terrible torment. Approximately 300 youths take their lives each year due to the thoughtlessness of their peers. 
I was bullied. For me to write this is difficult. I am a private person, or at least I rarely show my weaker side. It leaves you vulnerable. You learn this as you grow into adulthood. However, sometimes it is worth putting  out there. In this case, as I teach the young and impressionable, it is important that I do. 
If you have children, share this with them.  I am accomplished. I am happy. I am fortunate. I am hard working. I am caring. I am rewarded  each and every day by being able to  paint, laugh, and  be surrounded by people who love and care about me. 
Three girls bullied me. It went on for 3 years. It made me sick to my stomach to go to school. It made me terrified to go to certain classes. I said nothing. However, everyday, I told myself, before I stepped into each school hallway, each class, that I was worthwhile and better than they were. I learned something from them and that was that I never wanted to be like them. I would always try my best to be kind, caring, and empathetic. Teach your children well as the song says. If your child is a bully, examine yourself. Everything you do is a mirror to your children. 

A footnote: I found out years later when meeting up one night with one of the "bullies" what had happened to each of them.  One had dropped out of school , one had become drug dependant and the other no one knew where she was. The one I spoke with said that the reason they treated me that way was because they were jealous. I appreciated her honesty. My heart went out to them. So they really did teach me something.

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