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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's to Mothers....They produce art....

Paper whites My Mother Gave Me (SOLD) 

I have missed  something! What was I thinking? Do I have it all wrong? I think it is time to get "knocked up" to  really demonstrate a true art form. That's it, done. Giving birth on the floor of a gallery is the most original form of artistic expression I have heard yet. Yes, it's true. An artist is planning this exhibit in New York. I suppose purchasing tickets in advance for the event would be somewhat dicey. If you're there at the perfect moment you will  "luck in".  Depending on how long labour will be,  you had better bring some snacks, lunch or even dinner. Or perhaps you could just stay for the first stage of labour on your way to work and catch the finale on the way home.  She is very brave. If I decided to bring forth a life while visitors to the gallery watched, all I can say is they better duck. I would be throwing things at people and if  your children were there, you would have to cover their little ears as I would likely be screaming obscenities. If  I was on duty as a custodial engineer, I would call in sick that day.

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