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Saturday, August 13, 2011


My amazing and quirky friends were here for their VK this past two weeks. I love them. They are dear to me. Spent yesterday painting on the deck by the sea with Bethie and her great guy Gary and Molly the cutie girlie dog. While Beth and I painted, drank some wine, Gary (being a fabulous photographer) took pics of our masterpieces and their  metamorphosis . He then took shots of my very messy paint stained hands. I love this group of  friends. They make me laugh until tears roll down my cheeks. It is better than any drug on the planet. Tempting to move back there. Although, I love the sea, and know that no matter how far they are we all care about each other. No agenda, no bullshit.
A HUGE congratulations to Tam and Heather on the birth of their baby boy!!! OK you guys, so you were here and  the little guy was born only a few days after you left! Almost a Nova Scotia Baby!!! Since you were sitting laughing by the sea Tam, he will have brine in his veins. A very good thing! I have sent him the wish and light of creativity. My gift to him. However, I know with the beautiful,, creative parents he has, he will be blessed with that anyway. (Jeez, I was wrong about the sex) Who cares, he's here!

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