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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A door may close, but a window opens!

The rain is pissing me off! I know it is quite beautiful at times, however, as my Pops says "nuff said". Trying to work but I keep staring out the studio glass door. Not very productive I must say. Have to learn to adjust my painting style and positioning. Physio guy (I like to call him that) says it isn't helping my wretched neck. He told me to have a good weekend but not get too carried away with the vino thing as I may do something crazy to hinder my progress. Thoughts of me rolling down hills, dancing like a magic monkey and trying out strange yoga positions with my good buddies from Toronto made me say to myself  "Self, is he thinking what I am thinking at this very moment?"  The thoughts of him imagining me doing the magic monkey dance freaked me out. Artist's are nuts!  Oh ya, and Heather, I don't mean nut dusted! Although at times, possibly.
 I also found out that sometimes when you tell a white lie.. the goddesses approve by making the lie you told the truth. I just  love the goddesses!!! 

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