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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's All About Me!

What a year! Learned so much this winter. Mostly about other people and myself. Then, as a result, got my mojo back. Have been lucky with commissions, and sales this year in spite of the sad state of the economy.  A huge thank you to my sister who puts up with her crazy artist sibling and sometimes gives her a bit of a shove when needed. I love you!
I have decided to write more frequently on this blog . Someone suggested that I write about my experiences in art and life (as art reflects life. Right?) There may be times when I am writing whilst spilling wine on the keyboard but, so be it. Some things may be a rant, others not so much. We'll see. I received an email from someone asking me to write about my creative process. I like that idea. I will for sure but, heads up guy who wrote the email, it depends on whether its a Martini, Mojito, or Red Wine!
P.S New paintings to be uploaded shortly!

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