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Friday, February 14, 2014

Doctors Office

Sailboats in Ink 24"x 30"

There is a huge difference when going to the Drs. office here in my area than the big city. At first I had to acclimatize myself to the vast differences. Just the other day as I sat and waited for my check up, people came strolling in for their appointments, there were nods of acknowledgment and hellos. Everyone knew each other. It started with Fred. His acquaintance whom I assume had not been in touch for a while asked him if he was still living in the same place as he heard he had moved. "Did not" said Fred, "Sold my trailer though.” Who bought it? Well, apparently Violet did. Violet was an 81-year-old lady who had been living in her well-stocked home which became slightly overcrowded (if you know what I mean) and she needed some more space. Violet moved into the trailer leaving her house behind. Still stocked. When the trailer eventually became filled to the brim, she moved out of there too. So asks Fred's friend . . .  "Where is she now?" Fred grunted a lot so every reply sounded the same. "She moved in with her daughter and that dead beat pain in the ass guy she lives with.” An elderly lady shouted out from across the room. Since she was seated beside me, I just about jumped out of my chair. "He's no dead beat!" He's my cousin’s son.”  Well I did think I may not make it into my doc’s appt. as I feared, all hell was about to break out in the waiting room. Then the worst happened, my cell phone went off! Being a huge star trek fan, my ringer set to high "Resistance is futile" repeating over and over did not go off too well with those folks. It did put a stop to the feud as every head turned to me. "I am so sorry" I said trying desperately to turn it off. Stress causes the human body to become all thumbs and it did in this case. Just as I was still struggling with the damn phone, I was called into my appointment. Before rounding the corner, I heard Fred say "I hate those things.” A new conversation started about the younger generation and grand kids that had phones and how it wasn't like that in the old days. I realized that in this case "resistance is futile.” 

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