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Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Who let the dogs out?" Non toxic paint on canvas...
artist...Benson the Yellow Lab

Chapter One 
I Was Wounded

Yes I know, too close to C. Dickens- David Copperfield but hey, how else to start this. Before I ramble on, the painting above should be discussed. Not a critique of course, as I would not dare to even begin to do this. Just wanted you to note the paw prints combined with the florals and the use of colour in this work. What movement this artist has.
So much so that it flows over into his everyday life. (Like a train). 
It was only an incident. Honestly! I am recovering. In fact, that is why I have decided to take keyboard in hand. (That does not seem as eloquent as "pen in hand" however it is the 21st century so keyboard it is).
Now as I said, I am recovering from (and I am no physicist) the force of a 100 lb Yellow Lab running and slamming into my knees on the side, full force with his body, and dropping me like a sack of dirt on the park grass.
There was searing pain and the time that I spent with my knees literally buckling, he spent trying  to "cheer" me up by continuously dropping his ball in an attempt to get me to recover. Only thing is.... a slimy ball being dropped in front of your nose as it is squished into the damp soil, just doesn't do it. That and the possibility that you may throw up on him due to all the pain. Actually, now that I think back I sort of  resembled some poor Dickens character lying there beside the historical canon that stands guard at the Blockhouse Hill Park.  
  OK, so enough of the drama. Here is what I have learned from this "incident"....   

#1....The pain will go away.. it will, really.
#2.... Someone will always be there for you and try to make you feel better. Even if all they have to offer is a ball covered in slobber.
#3.... I will ALWAYS love dogs..no matter what.... 
#4....I am determined to take along my stilettos to physio as I need to learn to walk in them again. Or, if I don't, it ruins my plans for wearing them when I'm 98 and using my walker.    


  1. Anonymous06 May, 2013

    Having carved a chunk of the end of my index finger a couple of weeks ago, I think your painting accuratly captures the images flashing through my head at the time. Except for the stiletos, good advice.


    1. Holy Hannah! That finger carving creation was nasty..Hope it is healing up well. Yikes... It does take time but thanks to our sense of humour we do get through stuff don't we? :)


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