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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Art World (or Village)" Leaves"

White Orchids
(in progress)
I truly wish I had a wonderful pile of leaves to have for the picture of this missive.
I sat today, at the Lunenburg Gallery to do my duty time for a show for The Visual Artists of Nova Scotia (South Shore).  A great group that I am happy and proud to be a member of. Talent galore.  My duty shift began at 12 noon. I don't want to make any mistakes with instructions such as, picking up keys, putting out signs, the turning on of  gallery lights and the monetary things that go along with selling art work. Not with my own, but with other artists. Other than the door getting stuck (because it tends to stick at the bottom due to our sea weather) I stumbled in.
It was a great afternoon. I opened the door and let the warm (yes it was 16 degrees today by the sea in November) air in. After opening up, and following each instruction to the letter, I had a chance to wander through the gallery and look at all the art that these amazing people have submitted. It was lovely. 
I entered into the back of the gallery and there, in the middle of the room were a pile of leaves. At first glance, I thought ( no that's a lie, I actually talk to myself) I said aloud, "Who left those leaves in the middle of the floor?"
 A card sat beside them.... "Fallen Leaves".  
As the afternoon progressed. I thought more and more about those leaves. Some may have grabbed a broom and swept them away. (much to the horror of the artist).  The artist left an explanation of what they were going to do with these leaves. How it would be documented, over time, the change in them. Also, definitions of leave or leaves. If art makes us think, no matter are opinion, the point is... we think and we have an opinion. It is far better to react than feel nothing. I like this installation.... whatever the artists purpose or thought for it was.... it made me think....  That is art.

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