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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rosie the Riveter

Watercolour/Pen and Ink on paper unframed

I begin teaching my students soon and I thought to myself...I want them to create something that they would do no where else but here at my studio. So..now I am spending my time, rummaging through dusty attics, basements and garages on a hunt for old chandeliers. I vowed not to ever beg for items on Facebook, but lowered the bar. It is now out there for all to see.  If it's for something amazingly creative and impressive, all bets are off and my princess routine evaporates quite quickly. Up goes the hair with my red and white scarf tied around my head. I ventured into a dusty old barn and as I was snuffling through the piles of stuff, a gentleman who was clearly "of an age" (I'd guess in his late eighties) saw me and let out a little gasp. It's alright, I was permitted to be there but he looked quite shocked.  He told me that he thought he was back in time staring at his favourite poster "Rosie the Riveter" as I looked just like her.  It was either the hair, the rolled up jeans or the red lipstick (which I wear no matter how messy I am going to get!) Ok, so a little princess remains......He said I made his day. So..sat with him and listened to stories...and great ones they were.. Thank you Sir...You made my day too!  

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