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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lesson learned from J.P

Students work on Jackson Pollock (Sold)

Each class I teach at my studio, I teach art history. I think it is so important for children to learn about those who came before them. It must be approached in a way that is fun. Today, they studied Jackson Pollock. Ok, so I didn't share the troubled side of J.P. but they, as they grow older will find that out on their own. After convincing them that passing away at the age of 44 wasn't old at all, they (while I cleaned up the floor and loved every minute of it) collaborated on this work above. I decided I would post it and someone who has an eye and an appreciation  for the arts, has now purchased it. It just so happened that one of the art students in the class today called me and I told her the good news. She was so excited. The word used (as I use as well) was "awesome".  The best part of the class was when all was completed and framed, we sat on the floor around this work of art, and listened to each other speak of what we saw in this painting. This is the stuff that makes me happy. Sure, I lock myself out of the house, do a lot of crazy stuff that half the time makes no sense to me... but painting and sharing the love of art is truly living!


  1. An amazing collaborative piece of work by two ten year old students. I just wish PM Harper would follow your blog. It might change his philistine attitude toward art and artists.


  2. Music to my ears. You have said it all. Here here! Shall we send the blog address to him? Yes!


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