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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Abstract Laughter

Abstract (Sold)

Do you ever laugh so much there are tears rolling down your cheeks? I have, and do.  Sometimes so much so I have resembled Alice Cooper in his heyday.  You think I would have learned to wear waterproof mascara by now. But no.  Actually, I kind of like it that way.  What a compliment to those that cause that streaky look upon your face. Laughing exhausts you but at the same time rejuvenates you. I have so many people in my life that make me laugh. I make me laugh!  I thought I would stop and check out a local clothing store and perhaps purchase something for myself. Into the dressing room I go, clothes hanging from my arm. Off come MY clothes and I am about to throw one of the dresses I have over my head and lo and behold, a rustling of the curtain. (yes, this change room had fancy curtains!) The dress still covering my head and just about to slip down to my neck, I hear a voice "Oh, you're not my girlfriend.".  OK, so I am thinking "Do I lower this garment, so my face is uncovered? Or, should I remain very still, and say nothing?"  All I could do was burst into peals of laughter. I just couldn't stop. So now I would have those big mascara lines down my face. The guy at least had a good sense of humour and when I came out he did say, " I didn't see much of the dress but I bet it will look nice on you."  I bought the dress!


  1. You make us laugh. Keep it up. From the office.

  2. Wherever this Office is... glad it makes you laugh..


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