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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tulips and Tom Jones (Sold)

Tulips (30x40) Sold

So.. Tom Jones.. Since I came clean not that long ago about my Pez addiction, I figured hey, go for it and admit to it all. I love Tom Jones. Until this moment, only three people knew this. I made them swear that when they presented me with gifts of his Cd's, not to tell a soul. They will probably kill me now as they kept my secret for years. I watched a program on him and saw a concert he did before I even knew who he was and then one much later in his life. The only thing I noticed that was different, was the bikini underwear and bras that panting, hysterical women threw at him then, were replaced with girdle's and much larger bras. I love that man.   


  1. Any
    I can in all honesty say that somedays you are the brightest part of my day. And Tom Jones Wednesday is one of them. You can still me me laugh thousands of miles away.i have only one thing to say. "MOMMA TOLD ME NOT TO COME"
    Thanks for the Blog amazing'

  2. P.S Tom and the Stereophonics singing it rocks! One of my faves...


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