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Friday, December 23, 2011

I love my Sock Monkey!

Tulips, Fruit and Bowl Study (Sold)

For years I have always wanted a Sock Monkey.  Yes, I could take the time between painting, selling, owning a gallery, teaching, partying, etc. etc, to learn to make one for  myself. But alas, I have not. I guess I was always hoping someone, somewhere, would present me with one of the little darlings.  Well, it finally has happened. I have my very own. I have decided to post him as my profile picture on Facebook. I feel  he represents my personality (and on some days how I actually look). I love him. No fears, I will not create one on canvas. I promise.


  1. When I was small I had a pooh bear,
    But he wasn't very big.
    He had very little hair,
    And he was as thin as a twig.
    With only one eye and a wonky arm,
    I protected him from all and any harm.
    He became lost, but was found again,
    And came to Canada to find his friend.
    There he sat in my dresser drawer,
    Until the great fire made him no more.
    I miss my little pooh bear,
    Only a few inches tall you see.
    But I know he's very near,
    Looking after me.


  2. That brings tears to my eyes. Oh My God! To lose a Pooh Bear would devastate me. Now I know....


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