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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Snow Storm (SOLD)

We had a our first official snow storm yesterday. For some reason, I get into this space where I think I have to bake and cook up enough food to last the winter.  My brain forgets that we have grocery stores and that I don't have to put on snow shoes to get to them. Never the less,  I spent the entire day in the kitchen, making everything from loaves of french bread to casseroles that I had no idea even existed. Of course being in the "kitch", it most definitely called for a glass or two of wine while I measured flour, cut up vegetables and created more dirty dishes that regrettably I had to clean up. I actually really enjoyed it but today I didn't even want to look at the bloody room for another 2 weeks. So, dinner was a no go this evening.  
Instead I decided to skip it, and think about the summer to come. I miss the beach already. Thus, the "Beach Chairs" painting.  

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