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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sheets and Boots (Merlot Sold)


Last night at 2:30 in the morning, I heard a huge crashing sound in my basement.  Convinced that someone was breaking in, and in a haze of sleep and hot toddies made famous by my gran when we had a cold,  I was obviously not thinking straight. I wrapped a bed sheet around myself and tip toed as quietly as possible down the two flights of stairs. 
Getting to the bottom of the steps and finding not a criminal, but a sump pump that had fallen off a shelf, I went back up the stairs with a sigh of relief.  
Looking out the window, I realized that my sign for my gallery had been left out. What harm would it do to throw on my rubber rain boots, and run out to retrieve it? No one would be out at this time of night to see me with nothing on but a white bed sheet and wearing rubber boots. Lesson  number 1. Never EVER assume that people are not out at 2:30 in the morning taking their wee pup for a pee. Ok, so I did not know this man, (thank god)  and I commend him for his diplomacy in my obviously uncomfortable situation. He smiled at me politely and said. "Good Evening" . I was tempted to blurt out that I had just returned from a Toga party but thought better of it, smiled, and returned the greeting. Thank you kind Sir and if you happen to come across me at the Post Office or Market,  just a kind nod would do. Let's just not mention this and keep it between the two of us. 

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