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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trees In Abstract (Sold)

A long time friend wrote these words. I felt they should be published. I asked her if I could. The answer was yes. She wrote this in response to two older postings that I wrote.  She is very wise and I thank her. XXXOOO

Her Words to me.......

You can wear all the rose coloured glasses you want. I wake up every morning knowing I’m going to be inspired, hurt, surprised by the people I see on a daily basis. I never feast on the past because it fools around with my present. I have always known that there was an invisible thread between you and I.  I’m so proud of the Artist you are.

On a completely different note I need to comment on your blog about getting a job. 90% of the world get up in the morning and do what they need to do to feed the children and hate every minute of it. You are blessed with being able to “taste your life” every second. And trust me your art strikes a chord. I think I could explain the reasons I like every painting I have seen posted. There is art and then there is art.

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