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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Compassion (Pen and Ink) Sold

My paintings and writings have become a diary. I must write about an experience I had.
 A little dog was struck by a car on the street where I live. All we could do was comfort him so I brought a small blanket out to the street where he was lying and upon my arrival, there was a woman, who was sitting trying her best to console him. As we both sat along side the dog, patting him gently,  a kind woman crouched down, her lips almost to the small pups mouth. I could hear only her whispers as she spoke softly to him. A call to the RCMP  was made. I have always had a huge respect for our Mounties. This has only solidified that respect. An officer arrived and then another. You could see the grief on the faces of the people at the scene. A kind and persevering gentleman made a call to a vet. The vet was to meet the officer at his clinic. As I held the door to the police car open, I watched as the officers gently placed the dog in the back of the cruiser and the second officer at the scene, rushed off to the awaiting vet. It was incredible to see the compassion and love for animals that night. It is something I always hope for. The people  that were there, are an example of how good human beings can be. Sadly, the dog did not survive, his injuries were just too severe. It is hard to stop seeing that sad scene in my head, however, when I do, I remind myself of the wonderful people that night.
So, to everyone that did their best to provide comfort to a dog in distress, thank you. You are truly amazing human beings.

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