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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Beach Fence (Sold)

There is nothing like fresh Mussels steamed at the beach. It is probably my most favourite thing to do.
I especially love it at this time of year. Grab a blanket, throw on a warm sweater, and collect some wood for a fire.  All you need is a big pot, some wine, stock and butter. Nothing fancy. It always tastes amazing, even with little to no ingredients.  That, with the company you are keeping, is heaven. Thanks for the Mussels...
OMG. Don't forget the lemon!

P.S  Someone left a scarf..I have it.  

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  1. I was just reminded that I had nothing to do with collecting the firewood and was poured a glass of wine while someone else tended to that mundane chore.hahaha My promise that I will do it next time...


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