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Friday, September 2, 2011


I was having lunch today with a kindred spirit and fellow artist. I began to tell them about a dream I had last night.  I do apologise for distracting them to the point where they burned the mushrooms that were sauteing on the stove top. 
I was married for just one year. How strange to even say that.  It seems as though it never really happened as it was so short.  It has been years since then. Even so,  for the first time in, well, forever, I had a dream about it. Not the Martin Luther King type dream.... a mundane type of  dream about that relationship.  
It was odd today as I went through some older paintings that I had done, I came across this one....
I remember the night I put it on canvas. I heard a song on a CD that I had danced to at my wedding. I bolted up the stairs to the dusty attic , and scrounged around for that white thing I knew was lurking there somewhere. Found it! I hauled it down the stairs and dragged it to the studio.  I hooked it onto the armour door and grabbed a brush.  Long ago, a wonderful soul, saw something in this and off it went to their home. I thank them for that, as I feel a part of what happened in my past is appreciated, and hangs on their wall. (even though they haven't a clue what my inspiration was) I did two of these. One included the veil that I wore. It was entitled "What was she thinking?"  The place where that one hangs is also unknown to me but the same holds true, part of my life is hanging on your wall.  

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