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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Italian Pots and Oil Etching

Oil Etching Italian Pots
I experiment all the time. I took a sketchbook on a trip and am so glad as now I have them to look back upon when in the studio. I can flip through the pages and when I get in the mood to go crazy with mediums, I have a subject.  I love to experiment with all kinds of techniques. I am a firm believer in, it is not always the final painting that matters, it is the journey.  I have become braver over the years and post things that perhaps I would never dream of selling but the works have taught me a lesson (or even several). I have oil paint all over my hands, arms and probably my face (I haven't looked in the mirror yet but surely I have). This is good. I am so happy inhaling Terp and Linseed......    

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