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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Insulting Canada Post Oops!

Watercolour and Pen (Sold)

 Every day, Bedford the amazing yellow Lab takes his regular trips in town. He starts by going inside the local coffee/gift store and lies down while his human companion sips coffee and reads the paper. He is then off to the Post Office and sometimes the bank. At all places he is fussed over, given his own personal treats (kept at each location for him with his name on them) and cooed at by all that see him. Now Bedford needs no lead, no guidance as to what to do. He is smart as a whip.  Really! No joke! He has become quite the mascot among the people of the small town where he lives. 
The other day I was discussing one of the gentleman that works at the Post Office. Not a bad guy but just a bit too forward for my liking.  I should have known better. Bedford was listening to the whole conversation. He understands human language better than some humans I know.  I should have remembered that.  So he made his usual trip the next day and upon entering the Post Office lifted his leg and peed VERY closely to this person who I had been discussing. This never happens. He is too well trained and behaved.  I will from now on, whisper if discussing someone...or wait.. this could come in handy..     

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