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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Squeals of Delight

East Coast Flowers  (Watercolour and Ink) Sold

I ventured out today to find a specific birthday present for my Dad. I "hitched a ride" with a friend and headed to the nearest Staples store. It is exciting that they set up shop in my neck of the woods. I know, not a big deal in most places but here, Ikea doesn't exist so you get the idea.  I would think that says it all.
Not sure how people put up with me when I am excited about such gadgets as paper shredders, coloured post it notes, and coloured markers. There I am, walking down every isle and really, squealing at almost everything I come across. Now, I know my friend is one of the dearest people and has the patience of moss in the woods but I really couldn't blame them for trying to avoid the same isle I was in.  Pretending to wonder off to look at other things (which I know they didn't really want), I do know that they kept an eye on me at a safe distance just in case I went into overload and started jumping up and down with excitement  possibly hurting myself. Aha my safety net. This is a true friend and I love them for it!     


  1. Love the painting! I think "Squeals of Delight" is a better title than "East Coast Flowers" especially as there is Miss Piggy hidden among the flowers.


  2. I just love your "sight" when you look at art. You have such a good eye! I guess that is what makes you the amazing artist you are! (with a sense of humour too) XXX


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