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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Seamstress and Her Struggles

Sails (Mixed Medium Sold)
As I love working with mixed medium, I decided that I would introduce my young students to the same. So I thought creating sailboats using a mixture of paper mache, cloth, gesso, paint, glazes etc. would be just the thing. 
I am not a task master when it comes to teaching. I love people to thoroughly enjoy what they are doing to the point where I will actually do the non creative parts of their project. I know, probably not the best thing to do when teaching. Not to worry,  all that stuff they will have to do on their own later.
 I like to break people in slowly, then they don't lose their love for art before it has begun. So that being said, I decided I would sew their painted sails myself. Each sail they created (using real sail cloth) was so beautifully painted that when I sat down to the sewing machine (yikes!) I went into a state of panic. What if I sew these with the wrong measurements (which I am hopeless at on a good day) and ruin the hand painted sails that these little darlings have so painstakingly produced? So I pour myself a glass of wine, which turned into two. Then I decided that two glasses of wine do not  mix with the sewing machine. Fear not, I knew that I should put the wee sails down and stop for the day. As my favourite heroin says, "tomorrow is another day".(Gone With The Wind) I wonder if  Scarlett actually sewed those curtains for the dress she wore. Surely she was smart enough not to attempt it after a couple of glasses of wine! 

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