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Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's always time for a change!

My new poster for the "New" year!
 I had a request for, believe it or not, something that someone could wear that had a painting of mine on it. Wow. I think that will be a challenge, however, I will experiment with silk.
  I have decided that so many good things have happened this year and that means that you should change it up to match the new groove...so... here it is.. my new "logo" poster/all the stuff you put this on  "thing"!   Look for this new one in January..... 

OK, so on another topic, I teach a young student who I just adore. (actually, I adore all of them but this wee girl I have been teaching for 5 years now). She was my first student at the very beginning when I remember being so worried about teaching. I just wanted to make sure that I taught the right things and made it so fun for them that they would appreciate art for the rest of their lives. Not so much pressure eh? Anyway, she arrives early at times and I enjoy our time together. When she started she was around eight or nine. I remember her coming to the door and saying in her sweet little voice " I am so glad you are not a boy". Now she is older we have conversations about boys. Oh my God! I know a bit but not without my fair share of mistakes and disasters. Oh wait! Perhaps that is what it is all about. Teach her not to make the mistakes I did in the past.. I love it, as she listens and takes note.. As she so gracefully puts it when I explain how boys think.. and girls think.. she says in a slightly older voice "I think I know what you mean Anya..it's "girlology"..

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