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Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Favourite Dress from NY.....so retro and old movie...

Some experiences are like holding onto to cotton candy in the palm of your hand too long. It feels good to clean it all off doesn’t it? Heard this in one of my TCM all night movie marathons.   I love old movies. They are innocent but reflect life even as it is today. Just not in your face. Even their titles are rather succinct. Want to know what the movie is about...you have that simple title. If it seems just “a little unclear and funny to the ear” the meaning will surely show up at one point in the film. I was thinking the other day about the classic movies that I love so much. One of my favourites is “Sin Takes a Holiday”. If I make a mistake I just think to myself... "Hey, sin took a holiday!" If it could all be as simple as Constance Bennet and turn out as well..But hey.. Sometimes it does!

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