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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Artist and an Athlete

Poppies 2 (Sold)

 I am recovering from locking myself out of the house. I never knew how athletic I was until now. Yes I did the ballerina stuff when I was younger, played volleyball and a little (and I stress little) bit of skiing. I never knew how people could move cars off their loved ones in an accident. I guess it's the power of, well, love. In this case, it was the power of the love of getting back into a warm house and having a glass of wine.
Watching someone climb up a trellis that thankfully was built securely, in an artists apron is a sight to behold. Thank god it was dark out.  Am I the only one this stuff happens to?  I now sit here with yes, that well deserved glass of godly nectar. I am such a bloody trooper that I will paint now that my fingers have thawed.   
P.S.   1:30 am- my sister says I am a Charlies Angel hahaha...OOOYA feel like one now! 


  1. I can recall a certain Angel climbing thru a very tiny window of her kitchen at the BIG 113.

    I will send pics when Bill and I get back.

  2. haha oh my! i remember that!

  3. cant wait to see the pics. hope u r having a blast!

  4. ahhh doll...
    is this better ;)

  5. 4 sure!! mwahh back x 2


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