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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Cow is born! I know.. I never get that right.(Sold)

A Cow (Abstractish)

I had the most wonderful email from a dear friend. You know those kind of days when you feel like perhaps you will leave no legacy except for a bunch of dusty old paintings? (When I mentioned this thought to someone I know, they told me that perhaps I should think about getting a job.) I thought I had one, but you know, some people think that artists don't really work. Sort of like S. Harper (PM) who thinks that artists just want to go to art openings...What a big dick... I do go off on tangents at times. Anyway, after reading her email, I felt uplifted. Thanks for that dear friend!
My friend "B"  bought a beautiful country home in the province of Ontario. I still have the pic that she sent me when the purchase had been made. It is truly lovely. So.....I awoke this morning to an email that a baby cow (I know, I am three and still can't wrap my head around calling the little darling a calf) had been born at 7:17 p.m.  She told me that she had named the "baby cow" after me. (yes, my birth name including my middle name too)  I was overjoyed.  In celebration of the birth, I did a work as a tribute!
Thanks again "B"...
P.S. The book in the library of  Dr. G.W.  is such an honour! You rock!

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  1. It's all yours! Have the address...leave the rest up to me.


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